• Founded in 1956, BDCL Design International is a renowned partnership architectural design firm in North America
  • Devotion of three generations of partners brings about the brand value of BDCL


Rooted in North America, Practice in China

  • Headquartered in Seattle, we also have office in Portland and Beijing, China.
  • Since its debut in 2001, BDCL China has accomplished more than 300 projects of various kinds and established good reputation in China’s real estate arena


Seamless integration of Western and Chinese expertise

  • Decades of international experience: Diversified partner-level design teams with hands-on design practice;
  • 20 years of domestic experience: China’s elite design team works hand in hand with North American team to localize and guarantee implementation of the creative concepts


Create contemporary architecture within a rich Chinese cultural context

  • Create vernacular architecture of international standard by integrating contemporary architectural techniques with Chinese traditional values, culture and concept of space
  • Serve Chinese clients with innovative design