Seamless integration of Chinese and Western expertise 

  • Renowned lead designers from North America: the schematic design of all projects are the creative brainchild of our North America-based partners who specialize in the relevant project type and boast dozens years of experience in handling design of large international projects. They are responsible for the overall quality control, ensure the originality of the design and meticulously attend to every detail.  
  • Collaboration of Chinese design team: Chinese elite design team made up of many class 1 registered architects (1RA-PRC) and designers with overseas experience, carries out seamless cooperation with the international team, ensuring implementation of high-quality creative schemes and provision of first-class services. 

  • Participation of interdisciplinary experts: consultant team consisting of ecologists, land economists, business and other experts ensures perfect implementation of the planning.


On-Site Design

The lead design team would visit the site before initiating design process to survey local cultural and historical context and topographic features. By intensively interacting with client, the team would complete preliminary schematic design on site in the most efficient manner


Synchronous Design

 Perform planning, architectural, landscape and other relevant design synchronously to ensure quality control of the whole process and seamless interaction between design elements and phases


All-Inclusive Services

We provide complete line of services from strategic consulting, planning, and architectural design to construction design