2014-9-11 News

BDCL Won the Competition for Riverside Demo Zone of Tsingtao Silicon Valley

According to the urban development strategy of Tsingtao Municipal Government, the Silicon Valley within Hongtao Economic Zone will be developed as the benchmark for Tsingtao’s next generation of sustainable new cities. In order to release the vitality for the new city, the developer strived to turn the site (located in the core area of the Silicon Valley) into the dynamic harbor and the dreamland for the new generation to live.


BDCL was honored to be invited to bid for the planning and schematic design of the demo zone. With flexible and diversified product mix and the Chinese-Western fusion design concept, BDCL won the bidding of the schematic design for plot B1 and B2. Our plan strengthened the vitality of the living axis and the artery roads by encompassing a variety of commercial and social facilities and SOHO elements. The concept of "trestle" was also introduced to optimize and maximize the views of the park in the south and the central water systems. The finger-shaped structure divided the office plane into appropriately staggered pairs, making all buildings unobstructed from the south. The office floor plans were square and standardized, with the sequential combination of elevation changed accordingly. The overall plan took advantage of the site features to integrate regional elements of nodes, roads and nearby parks with the surrounding environment. Through meticulously crafted human scale, entrance space and architectural details, we created a high-end community that featured dynamic life style.