2014-9-14 News

New Town Planning in China: BDCL Powers Industry Innovation

Sponsored by the National Real Estate Manager Alliance (NREMA), the 2nd China Real Estate Innovation Model Conference, the largest innovation summit in China's real estate industry, was successfully held in Beijing from September 12 - 13, 2014. With "sharing innovation experience and seeking joint development" as the theme of the conference, leaders and experts of professional fields were invited to share innovative practice and new business models. More than 600 entrepreneurs and managers of real estate industries, leaders of the Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Land and Resources, National Tourism Administration, National Development Bank, Xinhua News Agency, and China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (CRECC), as well as the leaders from more than 50 members of Real Estate Investors Association, came together to share and discuss the innovative experience and models of China’s real estate industry and explore opportunities for joint development.  


China's economic and social development is entering a new era since the 18th CPC National Congress. New urbanization has brought new opportunities for the development of real estate industry. During the conference, Mr Zhang Wei, principal & partner of BDCL, deputy director of NREMA Urbanization Development Committee and lecturer of NREMA business school, gave a keynote speech on “New Town Planning in China”. Through elaboration of new town planning theories and analysis of town planning cases in North America, Mr. Zhang summarized BDCL’s 20 years’ town planning practice in China, emphasized the importance of long-term and integrated planning. He also expressed that new town planning should be based on the cultural and historical context, respect the land and nature, and achieve harmonious habitat through linkage and resonance effect between functional areas.


BDCL has over 50 years’ experience in town planning and dozens of practices in North America and China. The design team is composed of North America’s top-notch experts in town planning, landscape design, architectural design, ecological engineers and land economists. It has completed dozens of industry benchmark projects in town planning, such as Vanke Dongli Lake New Town, Tsingtao Lake Wetland New Town, Chaobai River New Town. By drawing on the successful planning model of more than 30 well known town development projects in North America and years of interdisciplinary research, Vanke Dongli Lake project has become China’s first new town planning project. The newly completed Junliang High-speed Rail Station CBD project successfully explored and implemented the new model of driving and revitalizing regional development through transportation hub complex.


During the conference, BDCL was awarded for making contributions to promote real estate innovation. The Yangzhou River Walk project designed by BDCL was officially approved to become one of NREMA’s innovative training centers. Moreover, BDCL and NREMA signed Strategic Partnership Agreement, marking the beginning of their in-depth collaboration in jointly promoting innovation and sustainable development.