Category:Town Planning

Developer: Tianjin Binli

Land Area: 11,551 sqm

Construction Area: 11,551 sqm

Location: Tianjin 

Urban design principles were applied to our analysis on the cultural context and the framework of the current plan. The new plan has shown necessary complexity and clarity while keeping the basic layout of the city center. Open spaces in downtown Junliang were well organized to connect the railway station with the metro lines and the bus routes, creating an efficient public transit system that benefits the future development.


The design of the blocks was inspired by Yin-Yang elements in Chinese seal, highlighting the balance between buildings and spaces. The space scales were defined according to the theory of new urbanism, i.e. different building blocks were combined to form continuous architectural texture, and the scales were further adapted to define pedestrian-oriented spaces. In addition, every building had an internal courtyard which provided more friendly experience to pedestrians with smaller scale.


To complement the road system, we also set a series of footpaths between buildings to create a more sophisticated and friendly walking system that connects all important nodes and builds a vibrant CBD for Junliang City.