Category:High-end Residential

Developer: Talent Beijing

Land Area: 142,000 sqm

Construction Area: 67,570 sqm

Location: Beijing

Our design broke the stereotype of traditional villa and explored the connation of low-density residential space that mirrors Chinese living culture. The extension of alleys outside the courtyard walls, the lingering charm of front, central and back yards enclosed by the walls, the subtlety of multi-layered space, as well as the interweaving of indoor and outdoor spaces further highlighted the regional cultural connotation of the project. Hutong-style alleys, lanes, neighborhood spaces and courtyard walls progressively increased the sense of special hierarchy. With 0-boundary courtyard villas combinations, our design created a paradigm for high-density villa community. The overall design subtly integrated traditional space property and detailing with modern design techniques. Both implicit and exquisite, it was a masterpiece consistent with the Chinese cultural habits.


The design of the 10 exclusive luxurious lakeview villas showed great respect to the lakescape. By combining corridors, pavilions, and courtyards, the traditional spatial elements were manifested in contemporary form. The mixed application of stone, timber and metal highlighted modernity.