Developer: Guang Ju Min Sheng

Land Area: 136,000 sqm

Construction Area: 43,000 sqm

Location: Dujiangyan, Sichuan 

The master plan embodied the layout of ancient towns of western Sichuan province, and implanted local cultural context into modern buildings. Existing ancient dwellings were retained, matched with elements of brooks, bamboo forests, hills and trees while merging the nature, ancient culture and cultural atmosphere of Mount Qingcheng into the plan.


The community was planned with quadruple courtyard villas, duplex courtyard villas, single-family waterscape villas, SPAs, vocational apartments and supporting facilities. As the featured product of the project, the quadruple courtyard villa boasted Chinese traditional courtyard space that served as the transition between private and public space, encouraging neighborhood communication with enhanced community security. Every four courtyards share a central patio that was connected with neighborhood road through footpath. The elevation design emphasized on the cultural spirit of traditional courtyard culture. Modern materials and elements like steel components and art glass were introduced to use with local materials such as bricks, stones and wood. Flat and pitched roofs were combined to reflect the warm and modern regionalism style and oriental culture.  


The vacation apartments included standard serviced apartments and the centralized apartments. Every standard unit of the serviced apartment building consists of six units of four different floor plans. Being a resort property, the design focused on efficiency, practicality and fun of each functional space. Some units were designed in atrium and duplex style, and each unit was equipped with an outdoor landscape courtyard, terrace or roof garden. Much like hotel, the centralized apartments were designed smaller and more compact for easier centralized management.